Movement = Life

May 9, 2016


Use it or lose it? Yeah, pretty much. Is it as simple as walking or running on a treadmill? While this is better than sitting at a desk all day long (which I believe is contributing to a slew of health challenges), there's likely a lot more to it if you want to really impact your life. I'm not talking about workouts that kick your ass either. What I'm talking about is a variety of movements, unusual movements, and especially movement of your spine and your guts. Yep I said guts, you know what I mean, your belly, your abdomen and all those glorious organs held within this area. Stagnation and lack of movement of all our body parts leads to a host of dis-eases. Not to mention the lymph nodes which are activated with movement. 


Quotes about movement of the spine from Rhonda

Quotes about movement of the belly/guts from Jaime Lashbrook

Quotes about movement of the lymph nodes from Brian Perry, ND

Quotes about moving cerebrospinal fluid from Destiny Vesper


So get moving with a variety of things like various dance, maybe even ecstatic dance, something where you're given the opportunity to move around freely and freakishly, outside the box of prescribed movement. Be careful though, don't hurt yourself, lol. One great way to get into some exploratory movement is to work with a Core Energetics practitioner, wink wink, hint hint, like me! One of my favorite things about Core Energetics is the opportunity to move in ways we don't normally move. It's amazing what comes up when we do this movement and what we can learn about ourselves and what's being held in our physical body, just waiting to come out. A trained Core Energetics practitioner can guide movement and help us to connect to what's living in our physiology in a safe and supportive space allowing for processing and discovery. 


While your at it, use your voice! 



Free form or ecstatic dance and even just goofing around with body movement can open up interesting new ways of connecting to our psyche and teach us a lot about what we're holding in our physiology. Core energetics provides excellent opportunities to explore ourselves through movement. Have you tried it yet?

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