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Pleated Fabric

5 elements

of heartcore global




The earth is an important element of Heartcore Global because…we’re part of the earth. The earth supports us in every endeavor, every day, as we live upon her. Pacha Mama, Gaia, Mother Earth… no matter what you call her, the earth carries the life force that sustains us, the plants that feed us, and the medicines that heal us. The earth is surrounded by a toroidal field, a biofield, and so are we. Stacey’s intention is to do work with people all over this beautiful planet to foster connection and respect for the earth and all its inhabitants.

Tuning forks are integral to this work because… Sound healing or sound alchemy is a powerful and fascinating approach to wellness and healing. All things are made of sound and light, vibrating at different rates. Applying sound through tuning forks, singing, and musical instruments to ourselves and that which surrounds us can bring significant effects and changes. Stacey is particularly interested in the work of Eileen McKusick and Biofield Tuning and brings these techniques into her work with her clients.

tuning forks

Pleated Fabric

The element of plant is included in this space because… Plants are an important part of Stacey’s experience and practice. From herbalism, to plants as nutrition, and plants as medicine, humans wouldn’t be able to live on earth without the wisdom, healing and nutritional gifts of plants. Indigenous cultures have a particularly strong connection to the gifts and wisdom of plants and at Heartcore Global, it’s believed that these cultures deserve our respect and protection. Stacey works with people who have sat in communion with plants and helps them to integrate their powerful and meaningful experiences within their lives.



The heart is centered in Heartcore Global because… We are entering a new era, a time of the heart. Many of us have been subtly and not so subtly taught to ignore the heart, not trust it, or that listening to the heart leaves us vulnerable, soft or weak. We’ve been taught to focus predominantly on our intellect. You know the old saying, “Knowledge is Power.” Well, Stacey believes “Heart Connectedness is Wisdom.” Through connection with the heart, we become better equipped to lead our intellect and how we use it in our lives and apply it to the world around us. When we don’t have a strong connection to our heart we inevitably feel lost. Stacey’s work focuses on helping her clients build a trusting connection to the heart and the wisdom held there. 



The torus is featured in Heartcore Global because… The toroidal field surrounds the earth, humans, living things and even objects. The torus is a donut shaped field with a central channel. An active energetic flow circulates around the outer edge and through the central channel in both directions. The toroidal fields around the body and the heart are fascinating sources of information, in fact, depictions of this field have been found all over the world in artifacts from many ancient cultures. In her work, Stacey brings her clients into relationship with their heart field as well as their biofield, for a better connection to self and better health. Clearing blockages around these fields increases the electrical voltage in the body and allows a deeper relationship with the wisdom of the heart.


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