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Superconscious Breakthrough

release and recreate your programming
with the MAP technique

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Heartcore Global offers Superconscious Breakthrough sessions that heal the difficulties in your outer world by accessing that which makes up your inner world.


Multiple levels of disempowering programming and information are neutralized allowing frustrating blockages to be cleared quickly, gracefully and without overwhelm. You’ll align with your gifts and purpose like never before. 

Utilizing the MAP method and a blend of modalities that address the programming and information within, while allowing us to release and recreate the programs in the superconscious mind, Superconscious Breakthrough sessions with Stacey facilitate greater wellbeing in an easily accessible process. Clients enter sessions with lack of clarity or frustration and inevitably leave sessions feeling relaxed, lighter and clearer with a better perspective on moving forward. 

Stacey guides you on a journey to yourself, creating a safe and sacred space to explore formative material through the inner child(ren), activating new and improved superconscious connections where there are disconnects, and leading processes to reveal and release mental, emotional, and physical blockages while bringing you into alignment with the lifestyle and work you desire.

tune the biofield - optimize the body & mind

Get started today

This 30-minute digital discussion is a place for us to chat about what you'd like to accomplish with your sessions. We'll discuss where you've been, where you are, and where you're heading. By the end of your strategy session, we'll have charted a course of action so you know how to move forward into optimal growth, healing, and empowerment.



the beauty of this journey is that you are not alone.

The Intro Pack is the perfect way to start your journey. This package brings a unique opportunity to receive a free Intro Session to activate the Superconscious for our transformational work together. You’ll follow this with three powerful Superconscious Breakthrough Sessions. 

Superconscious Breakthrough Sessions uncover and neutralize blockages, perspectives and beliefs that are holding you back, through a graceful, easy, and efficient process, so you’re able to unleash the creator within. You’ll be amazed how much material we can move so effortlessly during these sessions. 

Once you’ve completed your Intro Pack sessions, you’ll have gained clarity on how to best move forward. Options for moving forward include a Monthly Subscription, regular sessions to continue your work; one of the long-term programs like the Year of Activation or Sacred Evolution; booking sessions as needed; or if you really want to dig in and shift some energy within a 6-week period, check out the Trifecta package which includes Breakthrough Sessions, along with Kambo and biofield tuning elements.

Begin Your



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Looking for something more?


Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions continue your 1:1 coaching on a recurring schedule, so you can expect and rely on continuous support without inconveiniences.


Monthly subscriptions have the option for breakthrough sessions to occur 2x, 3x, or 4x monthly.


Year of Activation

The Year of Activation is for those who are ready to empower and equip themselves to live their most balanced and gratifying life.


The Year of Activation inlcudes 3x monthly sessions for 12 months. In 12 months you'll move through 4 phases of deep discovery.


Sacred Evolution

With Stacey's help, in the Sacred Evolution program you'll consider which indigenous plant and animal medicines are right for you and productively integrate your experiences. 


Integration timelines vary widely, so Stacey offers 3 timelines for you to choose from: 4, 8, or 12 months.


All clients must complete an Intro Pack before committing to a Long Term Program.


With the Trifecta program, you’ll embark on an exciting and powerful opportunity to make big shifts in just 3-6 weeks time. You’ll receive a combination of nine of Stacey’s most powerful sessions: 


  • 3 Kambo Sessions (*in person)

  • 3 Superconscious Breakthrough Sessions (typically via Zoom)

  • 3 Biofield Tuning Sessions (via Zoom or in person)


If you’ve been looking for a way to jump start your journey in transforming physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages so you can start living in alignment with your gifts and purpose, this is a program like no other! 


*Must be able to attend 3 kambo sessions in person to take advantage of this package. 


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