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After completing an Intro Pack, Monthly Subscriptions are a great option when you’re dedicated to maintaining stability and working through blockages as they occur to sustain an on-track, healthy lifestyle. You’ll get continued support in practices for managing your energy - something we sensitive and creative types need to develop and understand in order to avoid overwhelm.

Ongoing sessions allow you to work through deeper wounds from your upbringing and trauma experiences to become empowered in creating new systems of self connection, new perspectives, self worth and self love.


Regular Breakthrough Sessions build skills and practices that help you create and inhabit your life with more authenticity, freedom, grace and satisfaction, liberating you to live and work through your gifts and higher purpose. Subscription plans create momentum and keep you accountable and dedicated to ongoing breakthroughs and transformations. 

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Breakthrough Sessions are cumulative - the results you get in one Breakthrough Session will be built upon in future sessions through reinforcement and refinement - further exploration that will branch out into multiple areas of your life. Everything is connected - and with regular sessions you get the opportunity to deeply root into your life, inhabiting it ever more fully and fantastically.


deeply root into your life

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Monthly Subscriptions are a favorite of clients who are in career leadership roles, have complex work scenarios, or are unclear if their current work is what they really want to be doing. Breakthrough Sessions on a set schedule of 2, 3 or 4 sessions per month provide support for ongoing projects, transitions, and growth in your career.


Heartcore Global clients who are entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs enjoy the consistent support of a Monthly Subscription as they dream up, create, and manifest their gift-and-purpose-driven lives and business ventures - neutralizing and breaking through frustrations and blockages along the way. These clients are professionals, change makers, creatives, sensitives, empaths, intuitives, and healers building their signature practices and programs they’re birthing and gifting to the world. 

Many Heartcore Global clients have come from complex family backgrounds and are ready and committed to rebuilding their way of life in response to those experiences through ongoing Breakthrough Sessions. These clients are often interested in clearing ancestral lineage patterns while recovering from deep wounding. They’re creating new ways to show up within the structure of their families of origin and the families they’ve created or want to create for themselves. 

In all the above scenarios, ongoing Breakthrough Sessions through Monthly Subscriptions receive support in multiple areas, for actionable solutions as challenges arise. Ongoing personal discovery, continuous work on deeper topics, and integrating your progress as you work through the layers allows for deeper and more complete healing. Don’t let things continue to fester into larger issues or drag on indefinitely creating frustration, discomfort or even illness. Clear and integrate as you go for an ongoing mental / emotional / spiritual evolution.

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​Pricing & Scheduling

Subscription plans can include two, three or four sessions per month, ongoing. As the number of sessions per month increases, you'll save more on the price-per-session.

  • Two sessions per month at the price of $250 per month. 

    • (Normally Valued at $280)

  • Three sessions per month at the price of $355 per month.

    • (Normally Valued at $420)

  • Four sessions per month  at the price of  $455 per month.

    • (Normally Valued at $560)

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