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Choose your sessions and book below. 

30-minute chat / Q&A

strategy session


Breakthrough Session 60 min

3 Breakthrough - GREAT VALUE!!

superconscious breakthrough

Utilizing the incredible MAP Method

Standard Session 60 min

Bundle 3 Standard - BEST VALUE!!

Adrenal Session 60 min

Bundle 3 Adrenal - BEST VALUE!!

Sonic Meridian Flush 90 min

biofield tuning

Incredible targeted sound healing with tuning forks

One session per month

Two Sessions per month

Three Sessions per month

Four Sessions per month

monthly subscriptions

For Biofield Tuning or Subconscious Breakthrough Sessions

- or - 
Mix n' Match Biofield Tuning and Subconscious Breakthrough.
Your choice!

Your card will be charged monthly. No contract, Cancel anytime!

We'll chat about what you'd like to work on. I'll make recommendations and help you understand what it would look like to work with me. Ally pricing can be discussed in your strategy session. 

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