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Biofield Tuning


Biofield tuning deals with the electrical nature of the body, the electromagnetic field around the body, our memories, and all the workings of the physical body, bringing them back into the order of its original blueprint. I interact with these human elements with an elegant and simple tool, the tuning fork. The more I work with these simple but powerful sound-making tools, the more I think of them as my magic wands. By utilizing the tuning fork in the “biofield” surrounding the body, we allow the body to hear its current tone and self-tune while also moving biophotons hanging in the field back to the body where they belong. All of this results in the body returning to its natural, original template so that it’s able to function optimally. Physical ailments resolve, mental and emotional patterns resolve, and energy balances out. Sound incredible? It is!

Check out this video for an informative Biofield Tuning Overview.

Image by Guilherme Stecanella

The standard biofield tuning session is a fantastic support for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves; liberates and connects us to our will; and helps release familial and ancestral lineage patterns for better clarity and wellness. And benefits an abundance of medical situations. Stacey will work in the energetic field of the body during this session with some on-body use of the forks as needed to address areas that need special attention. Potential for detox (3 out of 5). 
Extra services and focuses:
Covid vaccine trauma and long haul Covid conditions
Brain injury, Brain fog
Guilt driven overthinking, stuck perspectives and unhelpful thought patterns. 

And so much more... if it ails you, we can support resolution. 

- Best choice for first time clients.  

(in-person or remote via Zoom or phone) – 60 min $140

SAVE with a Bundle of 3 Standard Sessions $370

standard session


Similar to the Standard biofield tuning session, Stacey will work in the energetic field of the body, but more specifically attuned to the Adrenals. Adrenals being the loudest of the body organs, first responders, and one that many people have depleted due to long-term stress and lifestyle patterns are often in great need of attention. Resetting the adrenals can be incredibly helpful, even life changing! Potential for detox (4 out of 5)
Who benefits from the Adrenal Rhythm Reset?

Those who experience:
Digestive disorders
Insomnia and sleep disorders
Auto immune
Panic Attacks
Interrelational trauma

(1-5 sessions recommended for full balancing) (in-person or remote via Zoom or phone)

– Not for first timers. Please book a Standard Session prior to any adrenal sessions.
– 60 minutes $140

SAVE with a Bundle of 3 Adrenal Rhythm Resets $370

adrenal rhythm reset

A full-body relaxation session that supports from the inside out. Stacey will tune the bones and body systems and get you connected with your energy centers to get you grounded, balanced, and embodied. Stacey will use the forks on the body for the entire session. This is the most spa-like treatment and Stacey recommends the session be done in-person to experience the sensation of the forks on the body, though remote via Zoom or phone is also possible. Potential for detox (1 out of 5). 

(in-person recommended) – 90 min $210

Image by Diana Simumpande

sonic meridian flush


what clients say

My Biofield Tuning sessions with Stacey were incredible! This being my very first experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Stacey did a wonderful job taking time to explain what it was, what it can be helpful for, and what to expect during and after the session. Stacey is warm, friendly and kind. I felt very comfortable being around her and her wonderful cat Valo!!! For my first visit, I came in for general wellness concerns and for emotional healing and had a standard session. Stacey informed me that I may experience some detox how I could help mitigate that. My detox symptoms lasted a day following the session, and after that I felt so much better!!!  My second visit was a Sonic Meridian Flush and it felt a lot more like a relaxing spa session, and I felt wonderful afterward with no detoxing, though I know everyone is different. Thank you Stacey for Introducing me to a new healing modality and making it a wonderful experience!

Phylicia – Dental Airway Consultant, RDA, Seattle


As with all my practices, I was brought to biofield tuning through intuition and synchronicity. I’ve learned to listen to these parts of me that show me what I need. In March 2019, I was on a massage table, receiving work on some long-standing knots in my back. I was suddenly seeing an image of tuning forks in my mind and was getting the impression that tuning forks would “solve issues with my body.” As someone who had zero experience with tuning forks, I had no idea how that could actually happen.
Within a week or so, I came across a super fascinating talk by Jerry Tenant about the battery systems in our body and he mentioned the work of Eileen McKusick. I looked her up and low and behold, she’d written a book about using tuning forks to “tune” the body. Huh… OK, following the path that was opening up to me. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see coincidences, I see synchronicities. And within a couple weeks of my buying this book, I got an email that Eileen McKusick would be offering her first large group series on the Shift Network. So I enrolled in the 7-week class, in which Eileen addressed the chakras from low to high. I was also using a tuning fork, the sonic slider, on my face and eyes during that time. By week 4, my eyesight was suddenly fixed. What??? Yeah, I know. I never saw that coming. But after that, I dove deep into learning about this incredible method. My personal mission to release humans from their suffering and to regain their connection to self is so beautifully supported by this modality. Sessions are informative and deep, creating dynamic shifts in physical conditions, ancestral lineage patterns, as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual wounding. I started my first-level practitioner training in late February 2020, as the pandemic was taking center stage and despite great delays due to the pandemic, I’ve spent all this time digging into the concepts around the practice and am now an advanced certified practitioner of Biofield Tuning.
I’m offering the standard session, adrenal rhythm reset (we can also focus on any organ), and  the sonic meridian flush session, to help you create your own shifts in outdated mental, emotional, physical and ancestral patterns. I also offer project tuning sessions (that's right - you can tune a projection or a situation!), the halo activation session, the sundial technique, and the figure 8 balancing and alignment session.  

create dynamic shifts

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