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Heart-centered mindset and personal development activation to achieve a balanced and empowered life.


Intuitive Wellness Guide, Elite MAP Practitioner, Biofield Tuner


Currently based in Seattle, Washington, Stacey Lara brings a wide range of experiences and training to her offerings. Before Stacey’s journey to healing began, she lived through a sweeping range of painful and challenging experiences. It was these experiences that led her to the task of her own deep shadow work. Now after years of learning, forgiving, and understanding herself, she has been able to build a profound and beautiful connection to her heart’s intelligence - what she likes to call her heartcore.

Stacey is an Elite Subconscious Reset Practitioner with the MAP Coaching Institute, a Biofield Tuner, and an Advanced IAKP Kambo Practitioner with training in Core Energetics/Body Psychotherapy, Biomagnetism, Shamanic Journeying, and EFT Tapping. She has special interests and experience with detoxification, nutrition, indigenous plant medicines, and folk remedies. Stacey looks at healing from many angles including energetic, experiential, and physical - with a focus on root causes - and believes that complete healing occurs holistically rather than one dimensionally.  

As an intuitive wellness guide, Stacey brings all of this experience and training to each session so that you can empower yourself to find that same connection to your heartcore.


Stacey Lara at Heartcore Global guides entrepreneurs, sensitives, creatives, and healers through heart-centered personal development, subconscious reset, and/or biofield tuning via internet video from anywhere in the world. Sessions can be done in person in Seattle, Washington. 

Utilizing cutting-edge techniques that access the subconscious mind and physical body like never before, Stacey guides you through powerful breakthrough sessions to:

  • Find clarity, purpose and enthusiasm in your professional & personal life

  • Work through familial patterns and ancestral lineage trauma

  • Relax into relief and clarity in times of overwhelm - neutralizing negative feelings in the moment 

  • Clear and neutralize outdated stories, beliefs and old memories to make space for new successful beliefs and behaviors

  • Integrate powerful experiences from ceremony, retreats and workshops

  • Create new routines and perspectives for a strong foundation, enabling you to achieve your goals and desires 

  • Neutralize phobias and mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health blocks

  • Eliminate negative self talk and turn old negatives into new positives

  • Biofield Tuning - Make space within our cells, allowing our natural electric nature to flow as it was originally templated to do, bringing in optimum health. 

What's holding you back from achieving a balanced and fulfilled life?

Even if you don't fully know the answer, or don't even want to talk about it, a session with Stacey can help you move through whatever's standing in your way. 

Ally pricing for BIPOC & LGBTQIA with subscription plans.

Sand Dunes

What Clients Say

"In the past year, I've walked into multiple sessions with Stacey feeling heavy and stuck, and an hour later come out feeling giddy with freedom and inspiration."


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