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Electric Eyesight

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7 – week class and research project

  • Tuesdays at 7pm Pacific, October 10, through November 21st

  • Via Zoom – 90 minutes

  • Discounted Fee: $85


Join me for this groundbreaking new class teaching how to use the Sonic Slider tuning fork for improved eyesight. My eyesight story is a fascinating one. You’ll hear more about that in a bit. But first I want to give you all the details about the program. 

This is the first time I’m running this program and I’m taking it as an opportunity to gather data on the results people receive. In order for the data to be in its best form, participants will need to attend each class during the week it’s offered and follow the daily practice (10-15 minutes). In exchange for sharing your results with me, I’m offering a discounted rate of $85. I look forward to seeing you there!


with Stacey

Registration closes end of day, Sunday, 10/15/23.

🌟 This is not just a course; it's a research project! Please take all of these responsibilities seriously.

🌟 Things kick off on Tuesday, 10/10/2023. You'll need to attend each of the 7 weekly classes (recordings will be available within 24-48 hours - important to keep up with the schedule and pace of the class), then you'll watch or listen to the group tuning a second time (no need to rewatch the whole class), and perform the instructed 10-15 minute exercises with your very own sonic slider daily. 

🌟 Make sure you have a sonic slider ready! You can find it by clicking on the link here (Note: I am not affiliated with the Biofield Tuning store, nor do I make any money from recommending this product to you. I’m recommending it because the store is the best resource for all things Biofield Tuning. Cost of the sonic slider is NOT included in the course price. Shipping can take up to 5 business days, so make sure you grab one asap!)

🌟 Classes are on Tuesdays at 7pm Pacific - recordings available within 24-48 hours of class. 

🌟 Each class includes in-depth instruction, a group tuning session led by yours truly, and plenty of time for Q&A. 

🌟 Participants will complete both a pre-class and post-class survey as part of the research. The concrete data and measurable results I’ll see in your answers will be invaluable to this work. As a trade-off, you are getting the lowest possible price for this course!

🌟 Most importantly, bring an open mind, as we explore new possibilities for improving your eyesight.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with me? Let's unlock the secrets of Biofield Tuning and give your eyes the gift of clarity they deserve. 🌈

here's what you can expect

Registration closes end of day, Sunday, 10/15/23.

Hey there, fellow visionaries! 👁️ I have a message of hope for everyone out there struggling with challenges related to their eyesight; whether from age, disease, or the effects of living in a screen-dominated society.

Chances are, you believe that “what you see is what you get” – that vision loss is inevitable, progressive, and irreversible.

Well, wait until you hear what happened to me.


When I first ventured into the world of Biofield Tuning, improving my eyesight wasn't even on my radar. See, I'd been struggling with worsening eyesight for nearly a decade, going through one pair of prescription glasses after another. "I'm going blind rapidly," I'd often say, half-jokingly but with a hint of worry.


But my journey with Biofield Tuning was initially focused on other aspects of my well-being. I was curious about how it could help release longstanding tensions in my body. Little did I know that it held the key to a life-changing transformation!

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my eyesight journey


My morning routine used to revolve around a strict "No Phone Zone" policy because, trust me, if I glanced at that screen first thing, my eyes would be reeling from it for the whole day. I also had a little trick – gazing out the window at a distant tree or house right away upon waking. It was like I had to re-teach my eyes how to focus on faraway objects, every single day. And then I would wear glasses during the day. 

Fast forward about four weeks into my first Biofield Tuning class, and the unexpected happened. One morning, I accidentally spent some time on my phone while still in bed, then faced the day expecting the screen-induced blur when I looked out the window. 


But this time, it was different. I peered outside and saw everything with remarkable clarity. I couldn't believe my eyes (pun intended)! I turned to my phone, and it too was crystal clear. I looked around me at everything, and to my amazement, I could see it all clearly without my glasses. I was utterly stunned. 🤯


It took me a solid 24 hours of pondering, sipping tea, and musing about life's mysteries to figure out what had happened. I realized it had to be the techniques I was practicing daily with the Sonic Slider. I'd been riffing on the techniques I'd learned and I believe the combination of things I was doing in conjunction with the weekly group tunings I was receiving is what allowed this to happen! Wild! 


That day marked the beginning of a new chapter – a glasses-free life. Yes, you read that right! Four years later, and I haven't worn glasses since that day. It took just four weeks to see these results. And over the four years I've gained some insights into what it takes to maintain these benefits.

I knew I had stumbled upon something truly incredible, and I am bursting with excitement to share it with you all! As an advanced practitioner in this fascinating method, I've delved deeper into how Biofield Tuning can enhance eyesight.

I’ve combined these insights into a ground-breaking course to teach you everything I’ve learned so you can embark on this journey for yourselves.

I don’t use “ground-breaking” as a cliché here; this is literally the first work of its kind, and you cannot find this knowledge anywhere else!

I've been amazed and have wanted to teach this for a long time. I'm so excited to have you join me and I hope you'll be amazed too!

Registration closes end of day, Sunday, 10/15/23.

what clients say

My Biofield Tuning sessions with Stacey were incredible! This being my very first experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Stacey did a wonderful job taking time to explain what it was, what it can be helpful for, and what to expect during and after the session. Stacey is warm, friendly and kind. I felt very comfortable being around her and her wonderful cat Valo!!! For my first visit, I came in for general wellness concerns and for emotional healing and had a standard session. Stacey informed me that I may experience some detox how I could help mitigate that. My detox symptoms lasted a day following the session, and after that I felt so much better!!!  My second visit was a Sonic Meridian Flush and it felt a lot more like a relaxing spa session, and I felt wonderful afterward with no detoxing, though I know everyone is different. Thank you Stacey for Introducing me to a new healing modality and making it a wonderful experience!

Phylicia – Dental Airway Consultant, RDA, Seattle


As with all my practices, I was brought to biofield tuning through intuition and synchronicity. I’ve learned to listen to these parts of me that show me what I need. In March 2019, I was on a massage table, receiving work on some long-standing knots in my back. I was suddenly seeing an image of tuning forks in my mind and was getting the impression that tuning forks would “solve issues with my body.” As someone who had zero experience with tuning forks, I had no idea how that could actually happen.
Within a week or so, I came across a super fascinating talk by Jerry Tenant about the battery systems in our body and he mentioned the work of Eileen McKusick. I looked her up and low and behold, she’d written a book about using tuning forks to “tune” the body. Huh… OK, following the path that was opening up to me. I don’t know about you, but I don’t see coincidences, I see synchronicities. And within a couple weeks of my buying this book, I got an email that Eileen McKusick would be offering her first large group series on the Shift Network. So I enrolled in the 7-week class, in which Eileen addressed the chakras from low to high. I was also using a tuning fork, the sonic slider, on my face and eyes during that time. By week 4, my eyesight was suddenly fixed. What??? Yeah, I know. I never saw that coming. But after that, I dove deep into learning about this incredible method. My personal mission to release humans from their suffering and to regain their connection to self is so beautifully supported by this modality. Sessions are informative and deep, creating dynamic shifts in physical conditions, ancestral lineage patterns, as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual wounding. I started my first-level practitioner training in late February 2020, as the pandemic was taking center stage and despite great delays due to the pandemic, I’ve spent all this time digging into the concepts around the practice and am now an advanced certified practitioner of Biofield Tuning.
I’m offering the standard session, adrenal rhythm reset (we can also focus on any organ), and  the sonic meridian flush session, to help you create your own shifts in outdated mental, emotional, physical and ancestral patterns. I also offer project tuning sessions (that's right - you can tune a project or a situation!), the halo activation session, the sundial technique, and the figure 8 balancing and alignment session.  

create dynamic shifts

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