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Year of Activation

The Year of Activation is for when you’re ready to empower and equip yourself to live your most balanced and gratifying life. You’re ready to upgrade the work you’ve been doing - to take it to the next level. You’re committed to putting in solid consistent time with regular sessions focused on leaving behind patterns, beliefs, and blockages that no longer serve you and your life. You’re ready to learn how to activate the creator in you, to create the life you’re dreaming of.

The Year of Activation includes 3x monthly sessions for 12 months. In these 12 months, you'll move through 4 phases of deep discovery as we methodically move through specific areas of focus to bring more clarity, perspective and intention into your path forward. We’ll unstick what’s stuck and explore and create together.

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As an intuitive, breakthrough mindset coach, Stacey absolutely loves guiding clients through processes that keep them inspired, empowered and fully activated in their work and lives.


Are you ready for a major upgrade? Consider these questions: 

  • When was the last time you felt fully satisfied with your work, home, relationships and activities?

  • Are you as inspired as you want to be in your work?

  • Are you putting your gifts and life purpose to good use? 

  • Do you know what your gifts and life purpose are? 

  • Are you feeling defeated or disappointed that your efforts aren’t delivering the deep, meaningful results that inspired you to begin what you started in the first place?

  • How does a smart, sensitive, capable individual like you stay motivated and creative in a world that needs so much help, while things are changing so rapidly?

  • Are you able to take adequate care of yourself while tending to your work and home responsibilities?

  • Are you growing less satisfied with the jobs, friends, or activities that used to seem so important?

ready for change

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Stacey says: "Mindset and Perspective are the keys to overcoming frustration and overwhelm in these areas, and I can help you access them! If you’re ready to commit to an upgrade in your processes, my Year of Activation program is for you. In the Year of Activation program, you’ll get to the root of, and neutralize, self-defeating mindsets. You’ll get clarity on what drives you in the most authentic sense, and I’ll help you create potent new mindsets and perspectives to serve and support what’s most meaningful to you. You’ll be relieved and excited when you learn to create satisfaction and joy in your efforts." 



  • Imagine walking into the big meeting feeling comfortable, able to express yourself clearly, and knowing that no matter the outcome, you’ll be OK, able to move forward with flexibility and creativity.

  • Imagine being satisfied with your contribution to projects, team processes, and presentations.

  • Imagine feeling good about yourself and your work – even if you aren’t solving the biggest of the world's issues overnight, you're still able to find the inspiration that keeps you engaged.

  • Imagine NOT becoming triggered by that coworker or boss whose work style doesn’t mesh with yours.

four transformational phases to activation

During the Year of Activation program, you’ll receive 1:1 guidance through a unique, four-phase, life-changing process of deep discovery and creation. In a relaxed atmosphere that utilizes cutting-edge subconscious technology, active and aspiring professionals, change-makers, sensitives/empaths/intuitives and healers – people like you! – will explore and activate their most authentic lives.

You’ll gain deep insights from your subconscious mind, gently and incrementally, in order to shine a light on what’s standing in the way of progress, success in your work, and in the world you want to help create. Processes designed to neutralize and diminish disempowering thoughts, feelings, and emotions will reveal and reinforce high-value experiences – building and solidifying feelings of empowerment, clarity and direction. You’ll gain awareness of your most powerful Creator-Self, opening the way for intentional design of your future.

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gain deep insights

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 In Phase 1 of the Year of Activation program, I’ll take you on an exploration of what you feel is missing in your life and determine what you want to create and experience in your life.


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In Phase 2, I’ll introduce you to my most effective perspective-shifting tools and concepts, and teach you how we’ll work together to retrain and rewire your subconscious mind with the powerful, cutting-edge MAP technique.


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In Phase 3, You’ll gain increased clarity on where you’re going, while simultaneously creating your path – authentically, in connection with your inner essence. As self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are neutralized, the ability to connect and collaborate with loved ones, co-workers, and community is improved, and the ability to fulfill one’s true desires in work, home-life and activities shifts dramatically. You’ll learn to connect your authentic, inner self to the greater energetic flow of life, fostering feelings of solid self-possession and creative freedom for a truly empowered life experience.


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In Phase 4, We close out the Year of Activation with a comprehensive review of the work we’ve done, celebrating shifts and perspective changes achieved, and acknowledging the progress that’s been made in various areas of work, relationships and activities. From this new perspective, we’ll look at what’s to come as you actively CREATE your future life. You’ll leave with a plan for next steps on the horizon, honoring all the work you’ve done during this powerful Year of Activation program. 

Depending on what you’ve been working on, what you’re now creating, and how far you want to go, you may choose to graduate to a monthly subscription continuing to take things to THE NEXT LEVEL!!


Leaves Shadow

During your Year of Activation program, you'll receive 3 sessions per month, for 12 months. You'll get FREE ACCESS to all of Stacey's group sessions, as well as advanced notice and discounts on retreat packages.

You'll gain powerful momentum during the four phases of the program, making massive progress toward creating the life you dream of. You'll be blown away at what you accomplish in just one year's time with your commitment to this potent breakthrough program. 

Payments are set up on monthly or quarterly autopay, or can be made as a one-time payment at the start of your program. Click Book Now for pricing.

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