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Image by Yuriy Kovalev


from previous clients



urban development. seattle.

Working in a government job has confronted me with a lot of old trauma and new frustrations. I face racism and patriarchy daily in my work environment. In the past year, I've walked into multiple sessions with Stacey feeling heavy and stuck, and an hour later come out feeling giddy with freedom and inspiration. The boosts in clarity and insight aren't momentary; they stick around. I don't think I would have made it through the challenges of the past two years, or have used those opportunities to strengthen my own role in healing the challenges of this planet, if it hadn't been for this resource that Stacey brings.



high school instructor. bellevue, washington.

"I was skeptical MAP would work during my first session. I was experiencing communication issues at work. If I was "challenged," I would feel a rush of irritation/anger that would prevent me from articulating effectively. The day after my first session, the results were apparent! When I would typically have been triggered into an angry retort, the "trigger" had no affect on me. I remained calm without reaction! I had also been interrupted all day with questions from numerous people. Yet, I was able to manage the distractions, articulate boundaries and not be stressed by it all. I've had a few more sessions since then, and I'm noticing how interconnected all of my sessions have been. Stacey is insightful and very effective."

Image by Paul Gilmore


direct response copy writer. seattle.

"Receiving a series of sessions is the way to go! Stacey's approach to MAP reminds me of a very calm Jean-Luc Picard commanding my space ship. We will get where we need to go, with everybody on board, quite likely through hyperspace.


During sessions, I experience no resistance to the treatment, as every part of my consciousness is asked for permission before moving forward. My energy bodies are able to let go of traumas with more ease, swiftness, and safety than ever before. I highly recommend." 

Bobby Schulte III.png


After four Superconscious Breakthrough sessions:


"I have had chronic anxiety and panic for a few years. I came to Stacey for help with the MAP method. Not only did Stacey show me the vast knowledge of the MAP method but other things that have continued to help me today. Stacey was very easy to work with and has amazing listening skills that she uses to target your goals and  needs. Thank you Stacey!" 

Image by asoggetti


senior associate of operations and talent.


“Stacey and I have been working together for almost a month, and I have already seen several drastic changes in my mindset and my capabilities to process and understand my own triggers, motivators, and energy. During my sessions, I've been able to uncover safe spaces, childhood memories, and learn to have greater compassion for all of the moving memories and energy my sub and superconscious are still working to process. I feel much greater alignment (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually) after each session, and my motivation to work and succeed in becoming the (truly) best version of myself has increased exponentially. No matter the topic, big or small, philosophical or tangible, Stacey has made each session easy, accessible, and powerful. She is a calm presence, she acts without judgement and moves at a comfortable pace. I've already recommended her to all of my friends who are seeking guidance in their own lives, and I will continue to recommend her to anyone who has an open mind and is ready to start or continue in their journey of self awareness and self worth.”  

Image by Henry Be


senior associate of operations and talent.


“Stacey and I have been working together for approximately one year, sometimes on an as-needed basis, sometimes on a regular visit schedule, and she is truly one of the most patient, kind, empathetic, and helpful practitioners I have had the pleasure of working with. In this time, I have grown and healed and become more grounded in my authentic self. After each session, I leave feeling empowered with the right tools to take on every new step and possibility that comes my way, whether the topic is related to family, relationships, or personal growth. Additionally, working with Stacey has allowed me to find root causes and triggers, allowing me to build up and supplement the work I do in Core Energetics, another method of healing. If you're considering this work, I highly suggest having an open mind and coming as your authentic self. Stacey has continued to support me through my own self explorations, no matter the topic I bring to the table, and I appreciate the space she creates for honesty. She listens intently, converses candidly and strives to show you the love and understanding you deserve as a human. ”

Image by Yuriy Kovalev
Image by James Peacock


fashion designer.

I initially reached out to Stacey regarding Kambo Natural. Whilst I was nudging myself to pull the plug and take courage to do Kambo, I found myself curious about the MAP technique... and thank goodness, because WOW, it has been a life changing experience. I have been ‘doing the work’ for over a decade and have tried many different modalities over the years, 

The MAP work appeared at a pivotal moment in my life and has aligned with my new path of self-awakening. In the last few months I and those around me have felt the shift in my energy. I have described MAP to my nearest and dearest as spiritual psychology! There are times during the session where I am fascinated with what is going on in the imaginal realm!!! 

Stacey is so patient, encouraging and has such a great skill of combining intellect with spirit, her intuition is brilliant at helping me connect the dots. The sessions are fun, intense, enlightening and pretty mind blowing!  It has certainly ‘opened my mind.’ I am so grateful our paths crossed!



life coach. new york.

"I had the awesome experience of a MAP session with Stacey. She has an amazing energy and really knows her stuff. She unearthed some really deep-rooted issues, memories and emotions and made working with them really easy and comfortable.

I really loved my session experience with Stacey! She’s the real deal and a really amazing practitioner! I recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

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