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Intro Pack

Do you want to stop losing sleep over job, family or relationship stress and begin to work from your passion and purpose in life - while experiencing life to the fullest as your most authentic self? All you need to do is Break Through. 

The Intro Pack is THE best place to start your Breakthrough. Depending on the topics you want to address, an Intro Pack will give you an opportunity to make a huge difference and you’ll finish with clarity on how to move forward. Through your work with the Intro Pack, you may completely resolve your concern or you’ll have clarity on what level of support you need going forward. Often times ‘in-the-moment” challenges can be neutralized with an Intro Pack, while deeper and more long-term trauma experiences or family of origin concerns will take regular support for a consistent period of time - typically much less time than with typical talk therapy. 

Tried coaching before? Mindset coaching with Stacey may be quite different than any other coaching you've experienced or heard of. Stacey works through direct communication with your subconscious mind to powerfully bring you online as the Creator of your own experience. You’ll explore your inner landscape to unlock and activate perspectives and abilities that were previously out of reach.


Old school coaching took on more of a "coaches call the shots and client obeys" vibe. Breakthrough Sessions with Stacey are different. You'll work collaboratively -  Stacey gets her best material about how to work with you - from YOU!

We’ll locate root causes, patterns, and belief systems (programs) and determine if they're serving you well. If yes, we'll strengthen them. If no, we'll neutralize them and replace them with programs that serve you better and align with your natural and authentic gifts and purpose. We’ll track progress as we go. You'll feel more in control, experience less frustration, find greater self worth, and gain tons of clarity about who you are and what you want in life.


You'll gain SKILLS and ABILITIES to move away from dissatisfying work and personal situations while moving into the arenas you're meant to thrive in.

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Why start with an Intro Session?


The Intro Session happens only 1 time. The very first time. In this session we teach the Superconscious Mind to work with your personality parts, helping them find and neutralize patterns of belief and behavior that are blocking progress toward your dreams and desires. Once we’ve taught the Superconscious how to do this work, we move forward with 3 Breakthrough Sessions to accomplish our work gently and gracefully, without overwhelm.

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For some, 3 Breakthrough Sessions will be enough to take care of a pesky mindset challenge and you'll be good to go.


For others, particularly those who've had a background of repeated trauma, neglect, abuse, rejection or shame, it can take more time to get through these deep-rooted wounds and the patterns built around them.


Completing 3 Breakthrough Sessions is the perfect way to experience the surprisingly powerful shifts that can come through during our sessions and will help you determine if you would benefit from sessions in a monthly subscription or one of the long-term programs.

why 3 sessions?

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What results can you expect?


Stacey’s clients report less frustration, triggers and discouraged perspectives. Clients have reported widening the lens of possibility they see the world through after just one session. Greater compassion and acceptance of the self and others, patience and understanding with those who have previously felt frustrating, the ability to communicate better from the authentic self, the ability to speak up calmly and with clarity on one’s own behalf, a feeling of lightness and enthusiasm, and lots of ideas about how to engage in difficult situations in their lives are just some of the reports from clients after Breakthrough Sessions.  

Heartcore Global clients break through difficult patterns and perspectives much faster than with talk therapy. Talk therapy is great, but it can take up to several years to work through deeper material without engaging multiple levels of our being - mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, energetic, etc. Breakthrough Sessions feel more concise as they work on multiple levels. Getting things settled in the subconscious has meant faster progress. One year of Breakthrough coaching can reveal a completely different looking life for Stacey’s clients at Heartcore Global. 

Have a regular therapy routine? Breakthrough Sessions are a wonderful compliment to your regular therapy sessions. Many of the  clients at Heartcore Global have boosted and integrated the work they do in therapy with their Breakthrough Sessions bringing on faster and more deeply rooted results.


The Intro Pack includes 4 sessions total, the first session being the Intro Session followed by 3 Breakthrough Sessions. These 4 sessions will each be scheduled one week apart.

The Intro Pack is an excellent value. Stacey offers the Intro Pack at the price of $420. (Normally valued at $560.)

In other words, you are saving $35 per session by starting with the Intro Pack instead of booking the sessions individually.

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What comes after the Intro Pack?

After completing the Intro Pack, you'll be able to determine if you're ready to go deeper, for a more meaningful life upgrade, with a program commitment or subscription package:

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Monthly Subscriptions

When you want ongoing lifestyle support in areas of work, life and relationship transition and evolution.  


Year of Activation

When you're ready to gift yourself a commitment to real transformation, evolving out of difficulties and info a life of authenticity and flow.


Sacred Evolution

4, 8, or 12 month commitment to deeply integrating your indigenous plant medicine experiences for a meaningful life upgrade.


All clients must complete an Intro Pack before committing to a Long Term Program.

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