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Sacred Evolution

Integration is Crucial for Plant Medicine Work 

In the Sacred Evolution program, Stacey guides you through a process of approaching your ceremonies, circles and experiences with indigenous plant & animal medicines. Sitting in a post-ceremony integration circle after your experience is only the very beginning of integration. These experiences settle in over time and come through in layers as we continue on our journey. 

Stacey's integration sessions utilize various techniques to assist in accessing the information stored in the subconscious mind. Then, as the client goes through their experiences - which also open up and reveal the valuable information stored in the subconscious - we do the crucial work of reviewing and integrating the insights, visions, and lessons received to decode and deprogram old unproductive patterns and beliefs, while reprogramming and creating the programs you want in your life.

With Stacey’s help, you'll create a personal plan and guideline for how to determine what plant medicines are right for you as well as find legit & safe practitioners to do this deep and vulnerable work with. Stacey is connected to a network of practitioners she’s vetted through her own experience and involvement in the plant medicine community. Stacey believes in experiencing these practices in order to hold space for them, and she has a wide variety of experiences with many indigenous plant and animal ceremonies. She is also an advanced IAKP certified Kambo practitioner who has held this space for many people doing their deep work.   

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Whether you’re looking to work with Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, San Pedro, Peyote, Iboga/Ibogaine, or an animal process such as Kambo or Bufo, Stacey can help you approach this work with a sound plan to ensure safety alongside a quality process and integration work to gain the most value and benefit from these experiences. 


Stacey is familiar with practitioners of numerous physical, experiential and therapeutic modalities that support integration of plant medicine processes, and can help you explore how these other practices may contribute to, benefit, and further integrate your plant medicine experiences.

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The Sacred Evolution program starts with an initial session to determine how deep you're looking to go with plant medicines and a discussion of what length program would best serve your intentions. We’ll discuss if you’ve already started on your path or are preparing to do so and work from there. 


In the Sacred Evolution program you'll attend sessions via Zoom video with Stacey once every two weeks. This can be done in 4, 8 or 12 month blocks, allowing you to go as deep as you'd like into the integration process. If you're planning to dive into the medicine world and attend multiple ceremonies, it's highly recommended to have a regular integration practice going on simultaneously. You'll attend sessions via Zoom video once every two weeks. 

4-Month Sacred Evolution Program = $1010

8-Month Sacred Evolution Program = $1,950

12-Month Sacred Evolution Program = $2,875  

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"In my own experience, I was fortunate enough to have an ongoing, once every two week integration session, along with deep group processes, to support my incredible deep dive into sacred medicine work. This support was so completely lovely and I wished more understood the value of integration and could receive the same, avoiding the loop of spiritual bypass. I'm now thrilled to offer this service for those exploring their inner realms for meaningful transformation." - Stacey


What is Spiritual Bypass?

Integration work helps to avoid getting stuck in what Gabor Mate' calls "Spiritual Bypass." He notes about healing: "It's becoming whole again, where you're not split into all these defensive parts of you that are running your life. It means you're not running around trying to soothe the pain all the time by means of drugs or sex or gambling or whatever; you're not running away from yourself all the time by being always on the internet; you're not trying to please people so they'll like you. Instead you consider what you want, what you prefer, what you feel - not in a selfish way of ignoring others, but also not in a way that ignores you either. Spiritual practices can help soften shame, confusion, anger and pain. We often seek the release of meditation, yoga, or chanting and they can soothe the discomfort of fear or self-judgement. But many people get lost in what can be called Spiritual Bypass - when our spiritual identity, beliefs, or practice become a defense to avoid honestly experiencing and processing deep emotional suffering."

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