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Stacey’s newest offering has come as a surprise - growing organically due to requests from clients wanting to receive a combination of Stacey’s offerings. 


Sprouting up as an offshoot of Stacey’s Kambo practice - many of Stacey’s Kambo clients are more ready than ever to create big shifts in their lives. These folx are committed to the process of transformation and hear about the synergy created between Kambo, Breakthrough Sessions, and Biofield Tuning, and say, “Sign me up for all of them!” And it’s been going great! 


Because this is happening so frequently, Stacey’s been inspired to offer the Trifecta - a package where the combination of Kambo, Breakthrough Sessions, and Biofield Tuning is approached methodically, within a 3-6 week period of time, to deliver maximum results.

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With the Trifecta program, you’ll embark on an exciting and powerful opportunity to make big shifts in just 4-6 weeks time. You’ll receive a 3x3x3 for a combination of Stacey’s most powerful sessions: 

  • 3 Kambo Sessions (in person - group or private sessions) 

  • 3 Breakthrough Sessions (1 “Intro” Session and 2 regular Breakthrough Sessions)

  • 3 Biofield Tuning Sessions 

Jump start your journey in transforming these blockages: 


  • Energetic

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual 

  • Subconscious 

  • As well as Genetic and Ancestral Lineage Patterns which affect all of the above states 

Start living in alignment with your gifts and purpose - This is a program like no other and Stacey is the perfect practitioner to offer this potent suite of services!

big shifts await you

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While all three modalities work on all levels, each of them has a particular strong suit. 

Kambo is very powerful on a Physical level and is powerfully Energetic which affects physical ailments, depression, anxiety, inflammation, pain, infection, and more. Kambo can be a powerful immune booster and fosters increased energy and clarity. Kambo is applied directly onto the skin, causing a physical detox and delivering beneficial peptides to the body. Unlike the other two modalities, Kambo is only done in person (group or private sessions) - with social precautions.. Stacey requires a health screening form and discussion be completed before clients are cleared to participate in Kambo sessions. See more info here. Kambo comes from the secretion of an Amazonian frog and is NOT psychoactive or mind altering. The secretion is placed on the skin for up to 40 minutes. During this time, the client experiences flushing, heat, energy movement and detox - typically in the form of vomiting or emptying their bowels. Stacey has advanced level training and has facilitated hundreds of these sessions with wonderful results. Kambo is not for everyone, but it is a powerful ally in shifting stagnant life circumstances. Talk to Stacey to find out if Kambo is a good fit for you!

NOTE: You must be able to attend the 3 Kambo sessions in person to take advantage of this package. Stacey regularly offers 3-day Kambo weekends in Seattle and a few times a year in Idaho. She also travels periodically to other locations. Talk to Stacey if you’re curious about her coming to your town.

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While all three modalities work on all levels, each of them has a particular strong suit. 


One-On-One Breakthrough Sessions are very powerful on the Subconscious, Mental, Emotional and Energetic levels which affects the perspectives we carry about our life and the world and how we move and fit into it. This affects our behaviors, habits, and patterns. It affects how we respond to triggers and events around us and our ability to remain grounded and in our body during difficult times and to stay tuned in to our hearts and higher selves. Breakthrough Sessions are typically done over Zoom video, but they can be done in person for people in the Seattle area or where Stacey travels.

jump start your journey

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While all three modalities work on all levels, each of them has a particular strong suit. 


Biofield Tuning is a strongly Energetic, moderately Physical approach that creates profound effects on Physical ailments along with Mental and Emotional concerns by increasing the electric voltage in the body. Biofield Tuning is a fascinating modality that helps the physical systems of the body function more efficiently, improves the immune system, and can completely alter the body’s ability to heal itself. Biofield tuning can reintegrate soul fragments for resolution of deep wounding and a return to joy. Stacey has used it to stop migraines, process difficult emotions, help a baby not thriving to begin to nurse and sleep, reduce pain and speed healing from acute injury, target tight muscles, smooth skin, reduce swelling, help animals who were not thriving, support Lyme Disease, and more. Clients report feeling deeply relaxed by the end of their sessions. Stacey herself has not needed to wear eyeglasses since 2018 thanks to Biofield Tuning! Biofield Tuning sessions as a part of this package can be done over Zoom video, in person, over the phone, or completely remotely at a coordinated time. Learn more about biofield tuning on our Biofield Tuning Page!

Trifecta pricing offers you a true bulk discount on these 9 powerful sessions. This is a big piece of work and an investment in your wellbeing. It’s important to Stacey as she supports folx who are ready to create great shifts in their lives, that they can do so affordably.

  • Trifecta with Kambo in circle $1110. 

    • (Normally Valued at $1315)

  • Trifecta with private Kambo sessions $1330.

    • (Normally Valued at $1540)

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