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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why work with a MAP Mindset Coach?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.Life seems to be moving faster every day - we need modalities that can keep up! I see new modalities coming forth all the time and I think this is why... the older modalities, as beneficial as they are and as much as I love them, aren't working as fast as today's world moves. ​In 2019's world, we've got an avalanche of information coming at us full force. Add to this a lack of clarity and intense emotions, and culling through that information becomes a full-time job that can get pretty overwhelming. Humans have always grappled with big life issues, but in our time, this is combined with a global awareness that has never been so possible as now. Our nervous systems and consciousnesses are being asked to take a giant leap in order to deal with this. This can be overwhelming for even the most strong and level person.Therefore, we must find effective ways to support ourselves. How we 'receive' this avalanche of information is crucial to navigating through it. Our subconscious programs act as filters, determining how the information comes through, and how we integrate it into our experience...or not. When the information and experiences in our lives detract from what we want to be doing and how we want to be feeling, MAP can help us clear a path through. MAP Coaching can help individuals discover how to move through THEIR world in a way THEY desire. MAP's cutting-edge techniques are perfectly suited for helping individuals and groups navigate today's busy lifestyle. Whether pursuing our careers and creative endeavors, managing our families, or simply trying to make it through trying times in one piece, getting the support of a MAP Mindset Coach helps individuals make Breakthroughs. ​A MAP Mindset Coach can help clear difficult mental/emotional/energetic/ spiritual blockages, identify solutions and plans of action that feel out of reach, and uncover deeper desires that we may not even be able to see yet. Utilizing the services of a Mindset Coach and working with MAP techniques allows individuals to find clarity about what we can safely let go of and what's possible to welcome in; What parts of life to prioritize; What steps can be taken towards the projects and solutions that are important to us.​ MAP Coaching Sessions can help individuals gain perspective while monitoring progress along the way. MAP Coaching sessions are wonderfully beneficial for overcoming fears, phobias, and other intense emotions standing in our way. MAP can help in gaining clarity along with the ability to discern what we've been doing, what we want to do, and what drives us. Drivers are beliefs, memories, and emotions that have been present since the formative years in early life. Things like family, society, education and many other factors can influence why a person has learned what they've learned, and these things silently (or sometimes loudly) drive decisions, both conscious and unconscious. Working with a MAP Mindset Coach can help individuals unravel what was put into their consciousness, often times without their permission, and give them the ability to make their own decisions about what's working for them and what's not, what they'd like to disempower and what they'd like to reinforce. ​As a MAP Coach, Stacey is especially skilled in helping her clients who have done work with indigenous plant medicines to integrate their experiences and insights from their ceremony work into their daily lives. Having done her own extensive ceremonial work with indigenous plant medicines, including ayahuasca, iboga & ibogaine, san pedro, as well as psilocybin and amanita mushrooms, all alongside an intensive integration process, Stacey herself has experienced the power of deep beneficial integration. Stacey strongly believes that integration is an incredibly valuable step in the practice of plant medicine. Exploring these profound insights and experiences to find effective ways of integrating them into our lives is often the missing piece of a multifaceted experience. It can take time, contemplation and focus to determine how your newfound wisdom fits in your world, how to make effective shifts in your lifestyle, and how to integrate all of this into your relationships, work, and creative outlets. Integration work helps to avoid getting stuck in what Gabor Mate' calls "Spiritual Bypass." He notes about healing: "It's becoming whole again, where you're not split into all these defensive parts of you that are running your life. It means you're not running around trying to soothe the pain all the time by means of drugs or sex or gambling or whatever; you're not running away from yourself all the time by being always on the internet; you're not trying to please people so they'll like you. Instead you consider what you want, what you prefer, what you feel - not in a selfish way of ignoring others, but also not in a way that ignores you either. Spiritual practices can help soften shame, confusion, anger and pain. We often seek the release of meditation, yoga, or chanting and they can soothe the discomfort of fear or self-judgement. But many people get lost in what can be called Spiritual Bypass - when our spiritual identity, beliefs, or practice become a defense to avoid honestly experiencing and processing deep emotional suffering." This can happen for anyone seeking out healing whether they've worked with plant medicines or not. Working with MAP for integration is ideal for clearing old patterns of behavior, gaining clarity, determining next steps, reinforcing new habits and patterns, and integrating visionary experiences from plant medicine journeys. Stacey is especially interested in supporting people who are in their post ibogaine phase of treatment for addiction, and those who are attending programs such as Smart Recovery, AA etc. ​Overall, MAP Coaching helps individuals discover what steps they're able to take to remove what's not working, bring in more of what is working, and develop the new lifestyle habits, routines, experiences, and successes they've been dreaming of.
  • How about some science?
    You bet! MAP works with the part of the subconscious mind we call the Superconscious which is our innate intuitive function that accesses and addresses memories. The Superconscious is interconnected with all memories, learning, and personality parts and is aware of the whole self. It's been believed that we have very little or no responsibility over what we feel or experience, making it extremely difficult to heal or address the effects of difficult events, often pulling us into victim or blame mode. Using the Superconscious to work with memories allows us to neutralize feelings and overpowering emotions so we work smarter, creating space to create our lives. MAP utilizes what science calls the Window of Reconsolidation which is a newer discovery in neuroscience showing that painful fears, memories, and beliefs ARE NOT hardwired into the brain and unchangeable. In 2000, Karim Nader made a discovery that revolutionized memory research forever. This discovery showed that under very specific circumstances, a long-term memory can be changed. Memories are consolidated in the space where neurons meet, at the synapse level. The discovery that each time a memory is recalled, the synapses separate slightly, allowing a window of time where the memory can rewire differently and create a new long-term memory. This is the Window of Reconsolidation. By bringing together the access the Superconscious has to memories and the Window of Reconsolidation, the MAP process is able to safely unwire painful, sabotaging programming within minutes. Individuals don't have to know what memory to work with, don't have to go into hypnotic states, and don't even have to talk about the memory. During the MAP intro session, we train the brain to work with the Window of Reconsolidation. Memories are retained, but the intense emotional charges related to them are neutralized. When we remember, we don't experience the same old difficult responses and can actually connect memories to more comfortable and positive associations, helping us to move forward in our lives with much greater ease and clarity. ​ Mindset coaching utilizing these incredible scientific methods creates a fast-track scenario above and beyond tools like meditation, mindfulness, and coaching alone. MAP helps these tools become super powers when we utilize them in conjunction with the Window of Reconsolidation.
  • ​What kind of shifts can I expect with MAP sessions?
    The MAP process is a gentle and respectful process. You can expect to be conscious and aware of every step of the way, fully involved in determining the direction we take during the session. While most clients report a very discernible shift by the end of their session, the process can be a bit different for each individual and goes according to their pace. Rather than something as distinct and sudden as a light switching on or off, shifts can be likened to something like a fog moving through or a cloud going by. It's quiet, it's gradual, and if you look away for a few minutes and then look back, you might be surprised to see that things are now feeling and looking much different. With observation of body sensations, emotions and thoughts at the forefront, what was present only a few moments ago can move into the background, dissolve, or have a presence with much less emotional intensity attached to it. This often leaves space for new perspectives to move in, plans of action to be realized, and relief around charged events and beliefs to be felt.
  • I'm concerned about working with my subconscious (superconscious) mind.
    As a practitioner, I've been asked if working with MAP would cause my client to be unable to remember certain things from their life. This is not how MAP works. Let me explain. ​ All throughout our lives, from as far back as birth (even during our time in the womb), and up to the present moment, every experience is being logged into the memory of our subconscious mind. Everything we read intentionally or things we see and experience out in the world in passing. Everything we watch, whether we chose to watch it or if just came across our view randomly. The music we listen to. The art we look at. The food we eat. The places we visit. Experiences with family, friends, and strangers. The things we see in our day-to-day lives that have to do with us and don't have anything to do with us, are constantly making impressions into our subconscious mind. Once those impressions are made, we learn something - and those lessons (memories) influence the future actions we take and the beliefs we hold. Much of this has happened without our choosing for it to happen, but it's there now, influencing our reactions and decisions. ​ Working with MAP is NOT like in the fun movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, where the person has decided to erase information about something that was traumatic for them. Rather, it's simply the emotions and beliefs attached to the memories from our past experiences that are neutralized, not forgotten. And this is done at our choosing and discretion. My clients choose to neutralize emotions because they're causing some sort of trouble for them in their present experience. ​ MAP utilizes a part of the subconscious that we like to call the Superconscious. By working with MAP and the Superconscious mind to clear and neutralize troublesome emotions and beliefs, we also have the opportunity to bring in new perspectives and feelings, allowing us to go forward without those trip ups and triggers that have blocked our success, peace, and comfort in so many ways. ​ HOW? By teaching the Superconscious through metaphors, it learns to navigate between the personality parts that carry these old memories/beliefs and the active experience/conscious personality. The practitioner commands the client's Superconscious to gently work with a certain 'part' that needs integration. The Superconscious then creates communication between the old part and the current, active experience, effectively resolving discrepancies between them and integrating them together, so they have more information and are able to function productively with each other.
  • How does muscle checking actually work?
    Another question I got from a client during their Intro Session, was how exactly muscle checking works. Muscle checking is a technique I use to connect to your subconscious mind and I use this to get the yes and no responses that guide the direction of the sessions. ​ The client who asked me this question is a deeply religious person and may have had concerns about this being in conflict with their spiritual beliefs and practices. As we sat looking at each other through our computer screens, I completely understood how this could be challenging to understand. ​ I explained to my client that, as we looked at each other, I was tuning into their 'field.' The best example I could give is the use of antenna TV and radio. With TV and radio processes, there's information going through the 'airwaves' between the broadcasting station and the TV or radio receiving that broadcast. I am not a scientist, and for me, no matter how long we've been using this antenna technology for radios and TVs, I've always felt utterly astounded that this was ever discovered and actually works. Like - How??? I honestly can't answer that question fully. I just know that it does and that most people don't think of it as magic, but science. Watching and listening to TV and radio broadcasts has been the norm for pretty much everyone currently alive on earth, so it's just accepted. This type of technology is also present in x-rays and microwaves. Some sort of information is moving from one place to another without being seen. ​ In the same way, our brains and hearts emit invisible waves of information. Our brains and hearts are constantly processing information in impulses. Many of you know that there's a measurable radius around these parts of our bodies where the impulses exist. They can be measured up to several feet outside of our bodies (see HeartMath Institute Research for more information on this). When these areas of our bodies process thoughts and emotions, think of that information as an invisible wave or impulse that goes out into the airwaves. During a session, when I concentrate and put my attention on my client, I am essentially tuning-in to their station and picking up their signal. This is not mystical or magical any more than invisible radio or TV waves traveling great distances are. It's just something that hasn't been the norm for us and may feel woo-woo at first glance. While many people on earth have abundant experience and knowledge of this, we haven't been taught about this on a large scale, but it happens. ​ When I tune in to a client's field, always with their permission, I'm able to use my hands to muscle check yes and no responses from the Superconscious. This is what guides our sessions. The Superconscious is steering us through the entire session now that it's learned the process. The client remains completely conscious and aware of each and every step of the process, so there is no mystery. In this way, the client can rest assured that they are ultimately making all of their own decisions, they are in control of the process, and they can confidently choose to rid themselves of a troubling pattern or create a new and productive pattern that they'd like to see in their life. ​ As a practitioner I'm here as a facilitator, to hold space for the client, receive information from the Superconscious, and implement processes to help the Superconscious understand how to clear what's not wanted and bring in what the client would like. Even though it's all been scientifically proven, it's so interesting to me, and I see such incredible shifts in the sessions with my clients, I still like to think of it as magic. ;)
  • Are there any benefits for first-time customers?
    First-time customers can benefit from a FREE INTRO SESSION by purchasing a pack of three sessions. Participating in three sessions is the best way to learn how MAP works, see the potentials for shifts MAP can bring, and experience what it feels like to bring shifts into your experience. Because the first session is a teaching/learning session for the client and the subconscious mind that includes a practice topic, it becomes clearer as you participate in a full session or two, build trust in the process, and start to see the results. Book all three sessions at once in order to be eligible for the free intro session on the heartcore global booking page. It's up to you to ensure that you're selecting the appropriate Intro session on the booking page. To receive this offer, please book all three sessions (your intro session and your two one-on-one sessions) using the 'PACKAGE' options for each session. It's not possible for us to honor these prices for sessions that aren't booked correctly. Using the 'PACKAGE' option will ensure you're getting the correct price! :)
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